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CJE 4410 - Community Policing

Criminal Justice Research Guide

Welcome! This guide and the links below are intended as a starting points for library research in your CJE 4410 course. As subject librarian for Criminal Justice programs, please contact me if you have questions about resources or services

Types of Sources

There are several ways to locate academic sources and various types of sources you might need for assignments and projects. The information below gives an overview of commonly used library research tools and why you will want to use them.

Library Catalog  Use the catalog to search for books or eBooks about your topic. Books/eBooks can help you identify terminology, understand topic-related concepts, and gain an overview of the scope of a topic. 

Library Databases Most subject databases and multidisciplinary databases provide access to peer-reviewed journal articles. Some databases also provide access to government reports, books, book chapters, newspaper articles, or conference papers.