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GODORT -- Government Information for Children Committee: About the Website

This GIC site identifies government information (documents, databases, resources) produced by local, state, Federal, and international governmental organizations for use by children and for children.

General Information and Resources Access

Tom Adamich is founder of the GODORT GIC Committee. Connie Williams (Teacher Librarian, Petaluma High School) is one of the charter co-chairs of the GODORT GIC Committee. 

About the Host Institution

The University of Central Florida is hosting the GODORT -- Government Information for Children site as a group within their LibGuides content.

About the Creators

The GIC website is created and maintained by members of the Government Documents Round Table [GODORT], the Government Information for Children [GIC] Committee, and ALA Emerging Leader Cohorts.  We are a group of government documents librarians and K-12 school librarians who meet up and share the best information for students (of all ages) that comes from government sources. The project was originally conceived as a promotional tool for the value of government documents to K-12 students and teachers in addressing the requirement to integrate Constitution Day into public school curricula.  We welcome new members ; please contact Tom Adamich at if you'd like to join us.

2015 ALA Emerging Leaders who contributed to this GODORT GIC project were:

  • Amanda Ingalls, NY (Sponsor: Madison-Oneida School Library System)
  • Carmen Sanchez, CA (Sponsor: Public Library Association [PLA])
  • Kimberly Trinh-Sy, MN (Sponsor: Minnesota Library Association)
  • Erwin Camia, DC (Sponsor: Government Documents Round Table [GODORT])
  • Melissa Ringle, IN (Sponsor: Association of College & Research Libraries [ACRL])


The GODORT logo is used in the banner on this GODORT Committee site with the specific permission of GODORT, obtained in a meeting with the GODORT Website Administrator and the GODORT Archivist at the 2014 Annual Conference.

The image of "the child with blocks/student in chair/graduating student" on the right side of this site's banner was created in 2014 by the University of Central Florida Libraries' graphic artist specifically for this GODORT GIC site.