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Grants - Funders Guide: NSF Resources

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NSF News & Information

Public Access to Results of NSF-funded Research - NSF has developed a plan outlining a framework for activities to increase public access to scientific publications and digital scientific data resulting from research the foundation funds.  (01/17/2017)

NSF Announces FastLane Changes (effective 1/30/2017) to support PAPPG 17-1 and run new/enhanced automated compliance checks on proposals.

NSF PAPPG 17-1 applies to all NSF proposal submissions as of 1/30/2017. Please view Significant Changes and Clarifications.

NSF Announces Nine-Point R&D Agenda; Strategic Plans for Big Data, Advanced Computing Infrastructure (5/26/2016)

NSF Grants Conference - hosted by State University System of Florida (6/1/2015)

NSF Special Reports

NSF Social Media Resources 

NSF Guide to Programs - Browse funding opportunities at NSF

NSF Advanced Award Search - Find out what has been funded by NSF

DIA2 Guide - NSF Database Search Tool. Search for information by ORG structure, program, topic, and more. 

NSF Grant Writing

NSF Proposal Tool Kit - A proposal preparation resource with instructions, templates, and samples, divided by major sections and supplemental documents. Developed by ORC Research Development team based on NSF PAPPG 17-1.

FAQs on Proposal Preparation & Award Administration - Guide created by NSF

Merit Review Facts - Important facts about the NSF merit review process

Introduction to Transformative Research - Brief introduction to potentially transformative research and its support at NSF

Introduction to Interdisciplinary Research - Guidance for investigators submitting an unsolicited interdisciplinary proposal for which there may not be a natural "home" in one of the existing NSF programs

NSF Handbook for Project Evaluation - Resource for project directors and principal investigators who will be evaluating NSF’s educational projects

NSF Data Management Plans

Data Management Plans - Proposals submitted to NSF must include a supplementary document (2 pages max) labeled "Data Management Plan"

Crafting the Data Management Plan - 2014 CAREER presentation

DataONE Primer on Data Management - the basics of data management, arranged in the context of the data lifecycle and geared towards researchers

Data Management and Sharing FAQs - resource provided by NSF

DMP Tool - Create, review, and share DMPs that meet institutional and funder requirements. The DMP Tool Blog and Webinar Series provide helpful guidance.

Databib - A tool for helping identify and locate online repositories of research data. Databib is merging with the repository.  Click here to visit the old site. 

UCF Library Support - The UCF library maintains a Data Management Libguide. You can schedule a consultation to meet with a librarian for an in-depth one on one consultation specific to your research topic.

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NSF Point of Contact at UCF

Dr. Debra Reinhart
Associate VP for Research and Scholarship
Director of Research Development 
(407) 823-2315

REACT support from ORC Research Development Team

A unique approach to supporting large, complex proposal submissions.

R:  The Research Development team promises to rapidly Respond to investigator needs by immediately making ourselves available and beginning the research support process.

E:  The Research Development team can Evaluate needs and available assets based on agency/RFP guidelines, existing infrastructure, collaboration requirements, and special requests (such as samples from the proposal library or FOIA requests and templates created for the specific announcement/agency).

A:  The Research Development team can Assist with proposal components and coordinate efforts with the C&G team and College/Institute Administrators. Research Development can help prepare non-technical components of the proposal such as Facilities Equipment & Other Resources, Current & Pending Support, Letters of Collaboration, Biographical Sketches, Collaborators & Other Affiliations, research timeline tables, and perform searches for UCF facts and demographics/enrollment data.  We can point to on-line materials that support the proposal preparation.

C:  The Research Development team can Coordinate the proposal progress through meeting/communication assistance, identification and connection with collaborators/partners, document management, review coordination (editorial review, technical peer review), proposal progress scheduling, and follow-ups with collaborators.

T:  The Research Development team can Track proposals through the stages of revision and finalization, and can provide post-submission evaluation.