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Internet of Things

The resources listed covers possible IoT applications, technology, and industry trends.

Suggested Search Terms

Search the databases to check for any research or developments on your chosen topic, product, or application. You may also use these databases to find reports, data, and statistics to help you identify market demand and opportunities for your product. The Internet Resources tab also has links to analysts reports that may provide some market data.  

To find materials on this topic in the catalog and article databases, try the following terms:

  • Internet of Things OR "Internet of Things" OR IoT
  • Web of Things OR "Web of Things"
  • Machine to Machine Communications OR M2M
  • Embedded Internet Device
  • Industrial Internet
  • Ambient Intelligence

Selected Business Databases

Use this guide to find more business resources. 

Industry Reports

Online Journal

Use these research guides to find more technology and engineering articles about IoT.