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ART 5284 - Design Theory & Methods

Introduction to semiotic theory, communication theory, perceptual codes, human factors and visual rhetoric.

RefWorks is a web-based tool to collect and organize citations and create bibliographies.

  • Save citations, abstracts, and links to articles
  • Generate works-cited in MLA, APA, Harvard, and Chicago styles
  • Use Write n Cite to create in-text citations.

Look for the option to Export Citation to RefWorks in QuickSearch and Other databases. Check out the upcoming Live RefWorks Training sessions.

Other Citation Tools

LibX: UCF Library Tools and Access

A plug-in custom made for UCF Library. Quick access to Ask a Librarian, QuickSearch, and other tools. The top feature is a quick option to reload any page via EZproxy so you can quickly get to UCF's subscribed access.

Plugins for Finding and Storing Articles