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Neuropsychological Disorders project resources


  1. Choose a topic of interest from the list provided. Learn about the etiology of the disorder/illness and explain how the symptoms are related to brain abnormalities.
  2. Explain the function of a psychologist when a client has this diagnosis and explain how a psychologist may or may not improve the prognosis of this disorder through psychotherapy. 

Assignment Topics

1. Neuroanatomy of Bipolar Disorder 2. Fibromyalgia
3. Epilepsy 4. Narcolepsy
5. Types of Aphasias 6. Paresthesia
7. Sleep disturbances and Blindness 8. Prader-Willy Syndrome
9. ADHD and addition, Myth or reality? 10. Brain changes during elderly
11. Marfan Syndrome 12. Addison’s Disease
13. Types of Dementia 14. Fragile X Syndrome
15. Tadive dyskinesia 16. Amnesias
17. Autism Spectrum Disorder 18. Aneurism
19. Huntington’s Disease 20. Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
21. Types of Strokes 22. Chronic Pain
23. Rett Syndrome 24. Cushing Syndrome
25. Dyslexia 26. Fetal Alcohol Syndrome
27. Prosopagnosia 28. Tricotillomania
29. Tay Sachs Disease 30. Tyroid Problems
31. Dysgraphia 32. Pica Disorder
33. Migraines 34. Kluver-Bucy Syndrome

Written Project Criteria

The project needs to include a minimum of 5 articles and needs to be APA style. The project needs to be revised by the writing center before it is submitted to the professor.  Copy of the feedback from the writing center needs to be included as an addendum to the project. 8 points will be deducted if is not included. The Project needs to be submitted on Web course.

Content – The journal needs to clearly state and explain the disorder, science based information and your opinion. Please do not use Wikipedia or nonscientific journals as part of your content (such as an article from Cosmopolitan to explain Depression). The etiology, development, treatment and prognosis of the disorder/disease are expected as part of the content.

Organization – The paper need to have an interesting beginning, middle and satisfying conclusion that makes sense.

Sentence fluency – Sentences need to be clear and complete.

Mechanics – Spelling, punctuation, capitalization and grammar need to be correct. 

Integrate information from the book.

 APA Style.

Amount of pages – A maximum of 10 pages and a minimum of 8 pages including the references, tittle page and abstract.