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Artstor: an overview

Artstor: An Overview

The Artstor Digital Library is an image database where you can find more than 2 million images from the world's museums, archives, libraries, and scholars for use in research across subject areas. There are many different ways you can search for content in Artstor, including:

  • Advanced search
  • Keyword and filtered search
  • Browsing by geography, classification, or collection

Advanced Search

Advanced Searching

Use advanced search to narrow your search right from the start. Some search tips:

  • Limit your search to specific data fields such as title, creator, material, culture, and more using the dropdown menu to the right of each search term 
  • Search for multiple terms (bombay OR mumbai) (puppies AND kittens) using the dropdown menus to the left of each search term

Watch a video tutorial on conducting an advanced search in Artstor: 

Keyword and Filtered Search

Keyword and Filtered Search

Search for a keyword ('peony') and filter your results by geography, classification, and date.

Watch a video tutorial about conducting keyword searches in Artstor:

Viewing Images

Viewing Images

Click on a thumbnail in your search results to view an image.

Watch our instructional video about the useful features you can find in our image viewer: 



Not sure what you are looking for? Browse images by:

  • Geography (Albania, China, United States)
  • Classification (photographs, architecture, paintings, science and technology)
  • Collection (The Metropolitan Museum of Art, Panos Pictures)

If you are accessing the above links off-campus, you need a registered Artstor Account to gain access. Learn more about registered accounts in this video.

Search Tips

Search Tips

  • Use quotations ("civil war") to search for exact phrases 
  • Geography always refers to a creator's country of birth, except for architecture/built environment images, which are based on geographic location
  • Use wildcards to broaden your search
    • Asterisk wildcard: trap* returns results for trap, trapping, trapper, trappist 
    • Question mark wildcard: advis?r returns results for adviser and advisor

Learn more


Need more help? Check the schedule below and sign up for our webinar "The Expert Search: Advanced Methods for Searching and Discovering Content" to become a master searcher!