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Administration in Social Work: The Quarterly Journal of Human Services Management
Online version (1999+)
The official journal of the National Network for Social Work Managers, containing a collection of research on administration and management issues in social and human services.

Child Abuse and Neglect
Online version (1985+)
Provides an international multidisciplinary forum on all aspects of child abuse and neglect, with emphasis on prevention and treatment.
Child Care in Practice
Journal of multi-disciplinary child care practice provides information resource, newsletter, articles and links.
Clinical Social Work Journal
Online version
A journal, published under the auspices of the Clinical Social Work Federation, devoted to clinical social work theory and practice.

The Gerontologist
Online version (2000+)
Most of the articles in this journal, published by the Gerontological Society of America, deal with social policy and mental health. Recent topics have included the economic consequences of widowhood, retirement patterns, and ethnic and cultural differences in dementia.
Illness, Crisis, and Loss
Online version (1999+)
Publishes peer-reviewed articles, book reviews, and essays on psychosocial and ethical issues associated with life-threatening illnesses, traumatic human crises, and grief and loss. Also included are editorials, commentaries and interviews by those involved in psychosocial and ethical issues in critical illness, human crisis and loss.

International Social Work
Online version (1959+)
The major focus, as the title suggests, is on "international themes in the delivery of services, the functions of social work professionals, and the education of social workers."
Journal of Gerontological Social Work
Online version (1997+)
Contains articles written by and for practitioners, with original research and reports on successful programs in the field of social work and the aged.
Policy and Practice of Public Human Services
Online version (August 1998+)
Formerly titled Public Welfare (1943-98). Articles dealing with social policy issues, reports of significant works of practitioners, and social work theory and legislation are represented. Also included is a section abstracting recent books in the field.

Social Policy
Online version (1990+)
Issues center on a wide variety of social service topics and contain a wide variety of viewpoints. Recent issues have dealt with such topics as "Food and Power," "The Role of Religious Faith and Religious Organizations in Public Life," and "Teens and Sex: How Little They Really Know."
Social Work in Health Care: The Journal of Health Care Work
Online version (1997+)
Contains articles written primarily by medical social workers and researchers dealing with all aspects of health care, including clinical practice and health policy.

Social Work with Groups
Online version (1997+)
Addresses issues of group work in social work and social services agencies. Includes book and video reviews.