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Social Work

Definitions and Summaries

American Homelessness: A Reference Handbook
General Collection HV 4505 .H647 2001
Contains an introductory essay; a chronology of events, legislation, and movements; biographies of advocates and activists; tables, figures, and documents; a glossary; and a directory of organizations and agencies.
The A-Z of Social Research Jargon
Reference H 49.5 .A15 1998
Contains terms to assist those completely new to the field of social research.
Contemporary Thesaurus of Social Science Terms and Synonyms
Reference H 49.5 .K57 1993
Helps users find appropriate words for natural-language computer searching of bibliographic and textual databases, with words taken from the social, cultural, psychological, political, and current affairs literature.
Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders: DSM-IV-TR
Reference RC 455.2 .C4 D536 2000
Contains all diagnostic criteria plus descriptions of disorders, using a numerical code system. Includes an explanation of the code system and instructions for its use, a glossary, classification history, and indexes of symptoms, diagnoses, and codes.
Early Intervention Dictionary: A Multidisciplinary Guide to Terms
Reference HV 891 .C63 1999
Gemeral Collection HV 891 .C63 1993
Aims to define and clarify terms used by medical, therapeutic, and educational professionals who provide early intervention services to infants and young children with special needs.
Encyclopedia of Adoption
Reference HV 875.55 .A28 2000
Gemeral Collection HV 875.55 .A28 1991
Over 400 alphabetical entries address all aspects -- social, legal, economic, psychological, political -- of the modern adoption process.
Encyclopedia of Aging: A Comprehensive Resource in Gerontology and Geriatrics
Reference HQ 1061 .E53 2001
General Collection HQ 1061 .E53 1995
Over 600 articles address timely topics (e.g., Alzheimer's disease, assisted living) in gerontology. A lengthy bibliography is appended.
Encyclopedia of Child Abuse
Reference HV 6626.5 .C57 2001
Draws from various disciplines, including social work, law, economics, and psychology. A lengthy overview is followed by alphabetical entries on such topics as indicative injuries, reporting requirements, abuse in other countries, relevant U.S. and British court cases and legislation, etc.
Encyclopedia of Death and Dying
Reference HQ 1073 .C374 2005
A complete guide to death, how it is viewed, and the social and medical issues related to the process. More than 500 entries cover medicine, religion, ethics, psychology, and legal, social, and cultural topics..
Encyclopedia of Drugs, Alcohol, and Addictive Behavior
Reference HV 5804 .E53 2009
General Collection HV 5804 .E53 2001
Alphabetically-arranged signed articles on all aspects of addiction, with bibliographies.
Encyclopedia of Family Life
Reference HQ 534 .E53 1999
Contains 452 essays dealing with a full range of family issues. Volume five has an alphabetically-arranged keyword index to the set, a glossary of terms, and a chronology of important legislation and court decisions.
Encyclopedia of Homelessness
Reference HV4493 E53 2004
Focuses on the current situation in the United States with a comparative sampling of homelessness around the world.
Encyclopedia of Human Emotions
Reference BF 531 .E55 1999
Brings together information from psychologists, sociologists, and other experts on the definition, causes, and expression of human emotions. Covers such topics as gender and emotion, anxiety disorder, actualization, and cross-cultural patterns.

Encyclopedia of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender History in America
Reference HQ 76.3 .U5 E53 2004
Treat various aspects of LGBT history, culture, politics, and society in America.
Encyclopedia of Psychology
Reference BF 31 .E52 2000
General Collection BF 31 .E52 1994
An eight-volume set developed and published in cooperation with the American Psychological Association. Articles written by scholars cover topics ranging from educational, clinical, and experimental psychology to personality, organizational behavior, and cross-cultural psychology.
Encyclopedia of Social Work
Reference HV 35 .S6 - 20th edition
General Collection HV 35 .S6 - 15 - 19th edition
A four-volume set that includes articles on fields of practice, populations, social issues, institutions, history of the profession, and brief biographical sketches. Also includes helpful appendixes, including the NASW Code of Ethics and NASW Clinical Standards.
The Blackwell Encyclopedia of Sociology
Reference HM 425 .B53 2007
An eleven-volume set providing clear, concise, expert definitions and explanations of the key concepts in sociology.

Key Concepts in Sociology
Reference HM 585 .R64 2009
A comprehensive glossary of the key terms, concepts and figures that dominate the sociological landscape.
Encyclopedia of Sex and Gender
Reference HQ 16 .E52 2007
Collectively explores a broad array of topics that fall under the purview of investigations of sex and gender across cultures and time in the social sciences.
Pornography and Sexual Representation
Reference HQ 472 .U6 S56 2001
A three-volume set discussing the history of pornography and sexual representation in the United States. Includes a discussion of pornography in visual and written mediums.
Social Work Dictionary
Reference HV 12 .B37 2003
General Collection HV 12 .B37 1999
Terms relevant to the profession are defined. Included is a chronology of the profession and the NASW Code of Ethics.
Social Workers' Desk Reference
Reference HV 40 .S6464 2009
General Collection HV 40 .S6464 2002
Includes 146 original chapters written my social work academicians and practitioners on such topics as "Case Management and Child Welfare," "Clinical Social Work with Groups," and "Working with Clients Who Have Recovered Memories." Glossary of terms. Name and subject indexes.
Encyclopedia of Interpersonal Violence
Reference HM 1121 .E57 2008
Provides accurate, research-supported information to clarify critical issues about different forms of interpersonal violence, their incidence and prevalence, theoretical explanations, public policy initiatives, and prevention and intervention strategies.