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NUR 3165 - Nursing Research: Introduction

This Libguide is designed to help UCF Nursing students enrolled in NUR3165 identify, understand, and effectively use relevant electronic sources, including eBooks and article databases.


This assignment module covers library research. The module introduces the wide range of information available to you as a UCF student. Practice exercises that walk you through database and catalog searches are included. Please make sure you have available your library number on your UCF Student ID. The first part of this module will explain how to obtain the number if you don’t have one. Please feel free to contact the librarians if you have any questions or want help researching a topic. The librarians have access to the class and can correspond by email, discussion boards or chat to answer your questions.


At the completion of the Library Research Module, you will be able to:

  1. Remotely access UCF library resources
  2. Find eBooks using an online discovery tool
  3. Utilize interlibrary loan privileges
  4. Access different databases for journal articles
  5. Identify and utilize search strategies
  6. Use subject headings specific to the nursing discipline
  7. Find full text articles
  8. Document using APA style
  9. Review plagiarism guidelines

Review each part in order, complete the practice exercises, and then complete the library research assignment (if required).

Completion of practice exercises is optional but highly recommended. Student feedback and comments from previous classes mention the practice exercises helped with completing the final assignment. Completion of the library final assignment is required, if assigned.

For specific questions on assignments and for general reference questions, email the librarians using their Course Email and the name of the librarian assigned to your class.