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NUR 3165 - Nursing Research: 2. Academic Onefile

This Libguide is designed to help UCF Nursing students enrolled in NUR3165 identify, understand, and effectively use relevant electronic sources, including eBooks and article databases.

Academic OneFile

General Information:

Academic OneFile is a Gale database that provides news, reference, multimedia, and periodical/journal articles from 1980-Present. A wide range of topics is covered including business, computers, current events, economics, education, environmental issues, health care, hobbies, humanities, law, literature and art, politics, science, social sciences, sports, and technology. Millions of full-text articles are available and the database is updated daily.

Search Tips:

Advanced Search is the default search screen

  • Enter your search terms in the boxes
  • To change from a Keyword search use the drop-down menu
  • You can change from AND to OR or NOT
  • Limit by:
    • Full-text
    • Peer-reviewed publications
    • Documents with images
    • Date
    • Publication title
    • Publication subject
  • Truncation: use an asterisk (*) to find multiple endings to a word
  • Wildcard: use a question mark (?) in place of a single letter.
  • Results page
    • Results listed under the following tabs: Magazines, Academic Journals, Books, News, and Multimedia
    • Search for a keyword within your results by clicking in box by “search within these results” and type in your search term
    • List of suggested subject terms will appear on the left hand side of the results screen.
    • Click on any of the subjects heading links to expand or narrow your search, or take it in a different, but related direction.
  • Full record page
    • Print, email, and download the article.
    • Click on Citation Tools* to generate a citation or export to a citation management program

Subject Guide Search

  • Use you want to browse a listing of subjects, people, products, locations and organizations that contain word or words you entered
  • Select a term and see a results list of matching items
  • navigate through the Subject Guide by selecting a subdivision and related subjects links.

Publication Search

  • Use to search for a single edition, volume, or issue of a particular publication and retrieve all its available documents.

For More Help:

More help is provided through the Help button.

* Keep in mind that database generated citations are not always 100% correct, so be sure to double check with the APA manual and your instructor. For example, URLs and database information (such as "Retrieved from Academic Onefile Database" or "Retrieved from") is not necessary (APA 6th ed.) for journal articles found in subscription databases like CINAHL. (Note: This does not apply to regular websites, for which you still would need the list the URL.). Also, it is not necessary (for APA format) to include the month for scholarly journal articles which are paginated by volume and issue. Again, database generated citations are not always perfect, so be sure to double check them.