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NUR 3165 - Nursing Research: 3. PsycInfo

This Libguide is designed to help UCF Nursing students enrolled in NUR3165 identify, understand, and effectively use relevant electronic sources, including eBooks and article databases.


All of the databases are accessible from the Articles & Databases page.

All databases require remote access through the library’s EZProxy.

General Information:


PsycInfo is the leading Psychology related database with approximately 2,900,000 records focusing on behavioral sciences and mental health dating from the 1800s to the present. It is updated weekly. There are approximately 2450 journal titles and international material is covered. 99% of the covered journal material is peer-reviewed.

Search Tips:

Use truncation to retrieve variations of words. For example, truncating the search term “educat*”, will retrieve the terms educate, educator, education, educates, and any other ending of the word.

The wildcard (?) replaces a single character, wom?n will retrieve women or woman.

PsycInfo has many options for precise searching. Clicking on the drop down menus at the top of the search screen will allow you to choose a specific field in which to search for your terms. You may also limit your results using the options below the search boxes. 

The Results page allows you to “narrow results by subject” by clicking on one of the suggested subject terms in the column to the left.

Cited References will give you a list of records (other articles, books, etc.) cited in your original article. Not everything in this cited references list will be indexed in PsycInfo so it may lead you to other sources.

Click in the Peer Reviewed box if you only want to locate scholarly journals (this will eliminate popular magazines, newspapers, trade journals, etc).

Use Linked Full Text or Get Full Text icons to find the full text of any article. If full text is unavailable, use Interlibrary loan to obtain the article.

Items can be collected in the Folder and emailed.

For More Help:

Additional searching tips for PsycInfo through EBSCOhost are provided by the Help section (in the upper right hand corner of the search screen).