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NUR 3165 - Nursing Research: 4. Health & Wellness Resource Center

This Libguide is designed to help UCF Nursing students enrolled in NUR3165 identify, understand, and effectively use relevant electronic sources, including eBooks and article databases.

Health & Wellness Resource Center

General Information:

The collection contains hundreds of health/medical journals and health-related articles from more than 2000 general interest publications, newspapers, definitions and directories. General information on fitness, pregnancy, medicine, nutrition, diseases, public health, occupational health and safety, alcohol and drug abuse, prescription drugs, etc. is provided. The database contains links to health websites and government databases. The Basic and Advanced search screens have links to the following: Diseases and Conditions (Gale Encyclopedia of Medicine), Alternative Health Encyclopedia, Drugs and Herbal Remedies, Medical Dictionary, Medical and Health Information Directory, Health Assessment and trusted web sites.

Search Tips:

A general search will retrieve documents under six tabs: Books & Fact Sheets, Magazines & Journals, Drugs & Herbal Remedies, Pamphlets, Video, and News. A subject guide, called Related Searches, is in the left frame. Related Searches lists subject headings containing your search term. Clicking on this term will give you a similar-looking screen with Subjects related to your search term in hierarchical order.

Use AND, OR, NOT to create a narrower or broader search.

Use the “*” symbol at the end of a word stem to search multiple endings of a word (example – test* would retrieve test, tests, testing, and testosterone). Use the “!” to replace one character within a word (for example: wom!n would retrieve woman and women). You may use more than one “!” in a word.

Click in the “refereed publications” box to search for only scholarly articles. To refine your search use the other limiters (date and full-text). Advanced Search also allows you to search a particular field (keyword, article title/headline, subject, journal name, author, etc.). If you limit to “refereed publications” you will only retrieve journal articles.

You can print, download, or email records that you retrieve.

Articles which are available in full-text are identified in the results list with the following icon . If full-text is not available, clicking on the SFX button will identify other UCF databases that may provide access to the full-text of the article.

For More Help:

Online help instructions are available by clicking on Help or Search Tips in the upper right of the screen.