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Philosophy: Synopses


Included in this database is the series World Philosophers and Their Works. To obtain a list of entries in this series, type "World Philosophers and Their Works" in the search box and choose "ST Series" in the adjacent drop-down menu box. The series contains biographical essays and reviews of representative works of 226 philosophers through the ages. Each entry also has a brief annotated bibliography of additional recommended readings.

Masterpieces of World Philosophy
Main Library Reference B 75 .M37 1990
Contains nearly 100 essays briefly analyzing and explaining "masterpieces" of world philosophy.

World Philosophy: Essay-Reviews of 225 Major Works
Main Library Reference B 29 .W68 1982
Provides 200 essay-reviews of philosophical works from ancient times to the mid-twentieth century. Each essay is accompanied by a short bibliography of additional recommended readings.

About Synopses

A synopsis is an outline or summary, usually of a written work. In the sense used here, for the sources listed to the left of this box, a synopsis is a compilation of skeletal outlines and broad overviews of significant philosophical works. The sources cited here not only highlight the main points of a philosopher's work, but also list additional basic readings to gain further insight into a particular philosophical work or philosopher.