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Spanish Literature (Medieval & Golden Age)

Inter-Library Loan

Google Books

 Google Book Search can be a useful tool for discovering books.  However, keep these suggestions in mind for making the most of your Google book searching:

  1. Use the advanced search screen so you can do more targeted searches.  For example, do a subject search rather than a keyword search if you are looking for literature or criticism in a particular period or genre (e.g., "medieval literature).
  2. Use the "Find it in a library" link to see if the book you want is available at UCF.
  3. Not everything is in Google Book Search, so use Google in addition to library catalogs and databases, not instead of them.

UCF Catalog

Use the Library catalog (the Books/Catalog link on the Libraries homepage) to locate books and other media in the UCF Libraries. You can search by author, title, keyword, or subject.

See the streaming videos Finding Books by Title, Finding Books by Subject, and NetLibrary for a demonstration of using the Library catalog.

Other Catalogs