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U.S. Economic Census -- Free Workshop at UCF, August 11, 2010: Directions & Parking

Free half-day workshop provided by staff from the Census Bureau on Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Directions to UCF's Main Campus

Parking for Visitors

Parking permits will be emailed to registrants. Attendees must park in Parking Garage A and the parking permit must be displayed on the dash to be valid.

  Directions to Main Campus Library

Exit Parking Garage A from the East corner near where you drove into the structure. Walk between the Education Complex and the Teaching Academy toward the center of campus. Continue walking to pass between Howard Phillips Hall and the Reflecting Pond to arrive at the Library.

Directions once inside the Main Campus Library

The welcome and first part of the session take place in room 223. From the library entrance turn right and enter the Infusion coffee shop area. Just after you pass the service counter turn left and go past rooms 235A and 230 down a short hallway to room 223.