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Theses and Dissertations: For Current ETD Students

ETD Procedures and Production

The UCF College of Graduate Studies maintains an electronic thesis and dissertation (ETD) gateway which details specific information about UCF's ETD processes, requirements, services and deadlines, as well as other helpful ETD resources and materials.

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ETD Writing Assistance

The University Writing Center offers free services to currently registered graduate students and can help at any stage in the thesis/dissertation process, from initial organization, long-term project support or final polishing. Please visit the UWC website to learn more about their services or schedule an appointment.

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Obtaining a Print Copy of Your ETD

UCF no longer requires a printed copy of your ETD. Any provision of bound copies to committee members or departments is a courtesy and not a part of graduation requirements.  The Pegasus logo is no longer used on any unofficial printed copy--the presence of the Pegasus seal could imply that a bound version is an official copy, but the official copy of record is the ETD.

You are free to make your own bindery contacts and negotiate your own agreements, shipping arrangements, and methods of payment.  A list of binding vendors is available to students upon request, but they can get a copy bound wherever and however they would like. Any paper copies produced by the student would be for personal use and not considered "official."

Research Resources

Research Assistance is available at the UCF Libraries. From citation management programs to research assistance to study spaces, the UCF Libraries offers a variety of services to support the ETD process. Learn more about these and other services the library offers.

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Submitting your ETD

Once you gain format approval, you will receive a set of final instructions from the Thesis and Dissertation Office for completing the ETD process and graduation requirements, including dissemination options and the final upload.

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