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Theses and Dissertations: What are digital libraries of ETDs?

What are digital libraries of ETDs?

The largest university-based collection of ETDs is maintained by the NDLTD (Networked Digital Library of Theses and Dissertations), a consortium of research universities.  Presently, the NDLTD, an international consortium of research universities, hosts over 300,000 ETDs.  The NDLTD presents the Innovative ETD Award and NDLTD Leadership Awards.  Over 100 research universities and institutions have joined the NDLTD, including USF, MIT, and the University of Texas at Austin.

The largest for-profit collection is stored by UMI, University Microfilms International, a division of Bell and Howell .  UMI, a private company that has been the established central repository and disseminator for print dissertations over the last 50 years, scans all the print dissertations it receives and converts them to PDF files which are now available to be downloaded via the internet for the same fee required for a print copy.  In addition, authorized users from participating institutions can download the full text of dissertations and theses published after 1996 at no cost.