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Frequently Asked Questions

Directions to the University and the Library

Driving to the John C. Hitt Library (not the loading dock)

If you are driving yourself and using a GPS to locate the UCF Main Campus library, use the Duke Energy UCF Welcome Center address: 12585 Gemini Boulevard South, Orlando, FL 32817. Do NOT use the specific street address for the John C. Hitt Library because the GPS navigation will take you around the back of campus to get to the library's loading dock where there is no public entrance and no public parking.

Driving to the John C. Hitt Library loading dock

If you are driving yourself and using a GPS to make a delivery or pickup at the library's loading dock, use the address: 12701 Pegasus Drive, Orlando, FL 32816-8030 to get directions around the back of campus to get to the library's loading dock.

Parking for Visitors

Parking map near library

Directions to Main Campus Library from Garage A

Parking Garage A: Although there are several parking garages available on campus, Parking Garage A is the easiest to access from the main campus entrance and is a short walk away from the main campus library. See the campus map for additional parking locations, including short-term metered parking. Visitors must obtain a daily parking permit at the vending machines and it must be displayed on the dash to be valid.

Walking to the Library: Exit Parking Garage A from the East corner near where you drove into the structure. Walk between the Education Complex and the Teaching Academy toward the center of campus. Continue walking to pass between Howard Phillips Hall and the Reflecting Pond to arrive at the Library.