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CMC Posters

The CMC posters are cataloged by the Dewey Decimal System. Posters can be found in a specific subject listed in the tabs.

General Geography & History

Medieval Times Bulletin Board

Features five posters representing the Middle Ages.



Seven Continents of the World Bulletin Board Set

Seven boards with vivid and accurate general physical maps of the continents.




Harlem Renaissance

Map of FLorida

History of Asia

China Culture Poster and Map


Japan Culture Poster and Map


General History



Geography Terms, Map and Atlases

Geography Terms Charts

Periodic Charts of Dictators and Heroes


World Map

Physical World Map

United States Map

Physical Map of the United States

History of the Americas

Mexico Culture and Map


American Symbols

Set of four posters familarizes students with origins and meaning of important American symbols.



Declaration of Independence & The Underground Railroad

Declaration of Independence

Facsimile of the original Declaration of Independence from the National Archives.


The Underground Railroad