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Get the help you need - organized by major course of study - to locate and use library resources at this Regional Campus location


CINAHL is the primary research database for nursing students.  Below is a short tutorial on setting up and refining a search in CINAHL.


Help with Researching, Writing and Formatting Your Papers

The ability to research a topic and write a professional-quality paper composing, summarizing and ethically documenting your findings is an essential component of UCF's Nursing Program.  To support your academic success, UCF Libraries provides connections with a number of resources and services.  Explore the following links for more:

  • UCF also has a Writing Center, located within the John C. Hitt Library on the Orlando Campus, which provides students with assistance at any stage of the writing process.  This Research Guide covers "Library FAQs" - note the tab for Writing Assistance.

  • "Ask-a-Librarian" connects you with a librarian by phone, e-mail, chat or text.  You can also make an appointment for a one-on-one consultatation with an Orlando campus librarian or with your Regional Campus Librarian.