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Introduction to Library Research Strategies

We have created this webcourse for you and your students.  Please use it as you see fit.

YES, you can still bring your class in for face-to-face library instruction!  We ask that your students complete the webcourse before their session with a librarian.  Request a session here:

You can easily direct your students to the webcourse using this link (Summer 2016):  You and your students should also see it listed as a course in your webcourses menu.

To assign the quiz to your section of ENC1102 or SLS1501 only, see:

Canvas Course

This guide highlights information about the libraries' Canvas course, 'Introduction to Library Research Strategies.'

All  students and instructors in Strategies for Success (SLS 1501) and English Composition II (ENC 1102) are enrolled each semester.  Instructors may assign the course at their discretion and use the quiz score as appropriate. 

Course content introduces basic library skills. Each section contains text and videos and a brief 'Check Your Knowledge Quiz' that consists of 2-3 multiple choice questions. A 'Final Library Quiz' containing 10 multiple-choice questions is also included as a scored assessment. We recommend that students work through the modules in the sequence listed since the beginning modules provide a foundation and context for later modules.

Instructors from any course can request access through the ILO department at Please include the following information:

  • Faculty name and NID
  • Course number and coursename
  • A list of all students with their NIDs

For more information about the course, please contact Rachel Mulvihill or John Venecek.



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