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Your Customized Textbook List

The UCF Bookstore provides an online form for you to create Your Customized Textbook List.

  • Step One -- Find Your Courses, selecting the term, department, course, and section. Repeat for each course to build a list.
  • Step Two -- Review Your Courses -- once you have built a list of courses, you can view the list of textbooks for all of your courses. You can then select items for purchase from the UCF Bookstore.

WARNING! Check return policies before buying textbooks

WARNING! Check the return policy of whatever source you use to obtain your textbook materials. If you drop the course or mistakenly purchase the wrong edition, you may not be able to return the book. If you rely on the UCF bookstore list to identify the correct edition of the textbook for your course and the information is incorrect for some reason, the UCF bookstore may only resolve returns for textbooks purchased directly through the UCF bookstore.