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Diversity Week at the Library

Diversity Week at UCF

Diversity Week 2019: 
UCF: Empowering Equity


October 14-18, 2019

UCF Diversity Week is a celebration of our diverse community and an opportunity to explore topics across the broad range of   human identity, experience, and interaction. Diversity Week activities are intended to stimulate our campus and move us to a more inclusive culture.


2019 marks the 27th UCF Diversity Week. This year’s theme, UCF: Empowering Equity highlights that equity should be our ultimate goal for our students, faculty and staff. Equity goes beyond equality and is an essential element of our mission. An equitable campus recognizes that our diverse identities and life experiences require unique paths to equality


For more information about Diversity Week at UCF visit:


Diversity Events at the John C. Hitt Library

Introduction to Bookbinding Workshop
Monday, October 14
1:00 pm - 3:30 pm
Library 223

Do you know you can make your own books by hand? In this 2.5-hour workshop participants will learn how to bind their own books using basic materials and tools. We will cover the foundations of traditional bookbinding. Participants will learn how to measure, cut, and bind books. After completion, everyone will leave with a blank book made during the workshop.

Beginners welcome. Materials and some tools will be provided. You may bring a ruler and pencil. The workshop is capped at 16 participants. Please RSVP at: Eventbrite -Introduction to Bookbinding


Fiber Arts for Everyone
Tuesday, October 15
9:00 am - 12:00 pm
Library 223

Everyone can enjoy the fiber arts. Try out crocheting, knitting or sewing your own bookmark with the help of Orange County Library System instructors.


Film: After Equality & TEDTalks : Mary Bassett—Why your doctor should care about social justice (CC)
Tuesday, October 15
2:00 pm - 4:00 pm
‚ÄčLibrary 223

After Equality
Equality is usually seen as the goal of feminism. Yet with women more than a third more likely to go to university than men, and with more female entrants to medicine and law, does this limit the horizon? Should we be championing difference rather than equality? Or is this a dangerous heresy that threatens progress? The Panel Times columnist David Aaronovitch, writer and broadcaster Beatrix Campbell and feminist journalist Julie Bindel look beyond equality.

TEDTalks : Mary Bassett—Why your doctor should care about social justice
In Zimbabwe in the 1980s, Mary Bassett witnessed the AIDS epidemic firsthand, and she helped set up a clinic to treat and educate local people about the deadly virus. But looking back, she regrets not sounding the alarm for the real problem: the structural inequities embedded in the world's political and economic organizations, inequities that make marginalized people more vulnerable. These same structural problems exist in the United States today, and as New York City's Health Commissioner, Bassett is using every chance she has to rally support for health equity and speak out against racism. "We don't have to have all the answers to call for change," she says. "We just need courage."


Henna Art with Priya
Tuesday, October 15
6:00 pm - 8:00 pm
Library 223

Priya will be doing FREEHAND designs for your guests. Freehand designs are always different from one design to another, as the artist does whatever comes to mind at the time. No two guests will have the exact same design, some designs may be similar but each design will be unique in some way. The designs will start at the wrist and go up 1 finger. The beauty of Freehand designs are that the artist creates a unique pattern without looking at any images or pictures. 

For Best Result We Recommend The Following:

  • Allow henna to dry naturally for 1 hour (do not use a hair dryer or fan in attempt to speed up this process)
  • Do not pick, rub or scratch dried Henna
  • Avoid water contact for 6-8 hours (leave henna on skin overnight)
  • Apply vegetable oil, ghee, Vicks or olive oil to henna stain once henna is washed off.
  • Be patient as the henna stain will be darkest within 24-48 hours after application
  • Priya will use 100% natural traditional henna. Stains will vary depending to skin tones and skin types. Please report any skin conditions or any sensitivities to any area of the body to the henna artist prior henna application.

Henna art is capped at 35 attendees. Please be sure to register at: Eventbrite - Henna by Priya

Diverse Families Database
Wednesday, October 16
10:00 am - 11:00 am
Curriculum Materials Center (in Education Complex)

Join UCF librarian Kristine Shrauger and discover UCF’s Diverse Families database. As the white skinned mother of an adopted black skinned daughter, Kristine quickly realized how difficult it was to find books that “mirrored” their family dynamic. So out of necessity became invention, and the Diverse Families database was born. Every person and all types of families need to be able to find and enjoy books that reflect who they are, but this is not always an easy task. Come and learn the unique strengths of this database as it strives to highlight those books which mirror the growing diversity within our world.


Weavers of Orlando
Wednesday, October 16
10:00 am - 3:00 pm
Library 2nd (main) floor next to Reference and Information Desk

The Weavers of Orlando will be hosting an interactive demonstration on the main floor of the John C. Hitt Library near the Research & Information Desk. Come see the spinning wheel and try weaving on the loom, or have your fabric art questions answered. 

There is also kumihimo braiding you can make and take.


Film: Children Left Behind (CC)
Wednesday, October 16
2:00 pm - 4:00 pm
Library 223

Most high school students in the United States are required to pass a series of exams in order to earn a high school diploma. From coast to coast, more and more states are using these high stakes tests in an effort to reverse the supposed rising tide of mediocrity in our public schools and close the achievement gap between socioeconomic and racial groups. The film, Children Left Behind, is about the well-intended purposes that are driving this movement toward high stakes testing, and its unintended consequences.Children Left Behind, brings to the forefront the stories of students who are struggling with these tests. These compelling stories provide a springboard for the exploration of the educational, political and moral issues associated with these exams. The overwhelming majority of these students are the intended beneficiaries of education reform. They are students with disabilities, Latinos, African-Americans, English language learners, and students from economically impoverished communities.The social justice issues are palpable. Testing is a ubiquitous part of our global society. The documentary raises the important question of whether we are leaving too many children behind in our quest for higher test scores.


Books & Bowties Pop Up Library
Thursday, October 17
10:00 am - 12:00 pm
Student Union Patio

A "Pop Up" Library is Coming Near You!! Keep your eyes open around the Student Union for UCF Libraries' "Pop Up" Library in celebration of Diversity Week. Every person that checks out a book or DVD will receive a free Bow-tie to wear in honor of UCF's Diversity Week. "Everyone has a story. Stop by and find yours."  


Open Heart Open Mic
Thursday, October 17
12:00 pm - 1:15 pm
Library 223

You are welcome to bring a story, poem, song, or any other vocal presentation to share – on any topic.

Any original work presented at an Open Heart Open Mic event will be eligible to be listed in STARS KnightVerse. STARS is UCF’s digital repository designed to disseminate, publicize, and share works by, for, and about UCF. KnightVerse is the area within STARS for library related student work. After presenting, see the Open Heart Open Mic host for information about submitting your original work.


Film: AWAKE, a Dream from Standing Rock (CC)
Thursday, October 17
2:00 pm - 4:00 pm
‚ÄčLibrary 223

The Dakota Access Pipeline is a controversial project that brings fracked crude oil from the Bakken Shale in North Dakota through South Dakota, Iowa and eventually to Illinois. The Standing Rock Tribe and people all over the world oppose the project because the pipeline runs under the Missouri river, a source of drinking water for over 18 million people, and pipeline leaks are commonplace. Since 2010 over 3,300 oil spills and leaks have been reported.The film is a collaboration between indigenous filmmakers: Director Myron Dewey and Executive Producer Doug Good Feather; and environmental Oscar-nominated filmmakers Josh Fox and James Spione. The Water Protectors at Standing Rock captured world attention through their peaceful resistance. The film documents the story of Native-led defiance that has forever changed the fight for clean water, our environment and the future of our planet. It asks: 'Are you ready to join the fight?' 


Accessible Spirit Splash
Friday, October 18
11:00 am - 2:00 pm
3rd floor Media Area (near LibTech Desk)

Join UCF Libraries in an accessible viewing experience for the renowned Spirit Splash! Relax in the air conditioned 3rd floor media area and enjoy Spirit Splash away from the crush of people while still feeling the thrum of excitement as it vibrates through the John C. Hitt Library.

Diversity Activities and Displays at UCF Libraries

Empowering Equity for All: How to get there from here?

An equitable campus recognizes that our diverse identities and life experiences require unique paths to equality.  We ask that you stop by the glass wall at the front of the John C. Hitt Library to write on a sticky note your answer to, "How do we empower equity for all at UCF?"

We Come From All Over

Next to the LibTech Desk on the 3rd floor is a map. Anyone can add a pin to the area where they and their families have lived. This provides a graphic demonstration that we are UCF and UCF is from everywhere.

Diverse Families Database

In the Curriculum Materials Center at the Education Complex information about the Diverse Families Database is displayed including samples of the related books available.