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e-Books: Finding and Using UCF's eBooks

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Finding and Downloading eBooks

Finding eBooks

UCF has an extensive collection of eBooks from thousands of publishers, hosted on more than a dozen sites. The catalog and QuickSearch provide the most comprehensive listing of ebooks available to UCF. Use the search form above to find eBooks in the catalog.

For information about many of the eBook sources click on the tabs above this box. To go directly to the many databases that contain eBooks, see the database list lower on this page.

Using UCF eBooks on PCs and Mobile Devices

  • All of the eBooks can be accessed via a standard browser on a PC or laptop so long as you connect via EZproxy or the campus network.
  • Some eBooks can be downloaded onto eBook readers. The exact steps and the check-out period vary.
  • EBSCO eBooks, Springer, EBL, eBrary, Oxford, Cambridge, and many other eBook sources allow users to download to eReaders.

Downloading eBooks

Many of our eBooks can be downloaded easily by UCF students and employee as PDFs with no digital rights management or special accounts required. Some require these extra steps.

  1. Make sure you have your Adobe ID.  To get an ID or to change or reset your password, go to the  site and click Sign In.
  2. Install Adobe Digital Editions on your computer device and create a personal account, OR
    Install BlueFire Reader for your Kindle, iPad, or other tablet.
  3. Once you find an eBook, follow any instructions from the host site to view or download the eBook. 

In most cases that will get the content onto your Kindle or other reader. For some eBooks you will have the content for a limited time – either 24 hour or 7 days.  Also, most of the EBSCO eBooks only allow one person to use the book at a time, and a person can check the eBook out for up to 7 days.

Best wishes and happy reading.


What is an e-Book?

e-Books (electronic books) are full book-length publications in digital form. Often times e-Books will have an equivalent hard copy but there are instances when a book will only exist as an e-book without a hard copy publication. Electronic books can be viewed on a PC, Smartphone, e-readers, tablets and other forms of portable electronic devices.


e-Books Database List

See also the UCF Library list of eBooks databases