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How to Find UCF Theses and Dissertations

this guide should make it easier to locate theses and dissertations


The Honors in the Major (HIM) program was established at UCF in 1989, and requires students to write, defend, and publish an Honors thesis.

Helpful HIM Links for Students

The following links are meant to help students find answers to their Honors in the Major (HIM) questions. For specific questions regarding your HIM thesis, please contact your thesis adviser.


Honors Theses Written from 1990 to 2010: There are two fully cataloged print library copies of honors theses (one in General Collection and one in Special Collections) which are classified into the established common call number for theses. Full text of UCF honors theses is not available electronically.

Browse the Library Catalog for ALL Honors theses written at UCF (1990-present)

Search tips for the Library Catalog:

Select the Advanced Search option.

  • Use the first search box to enter a search term regarding the title, author, subject, or other information. Select the appropriate field to search from the drop down menu.
  • The second box should specify honors AND "University of Central Florida"

Browse STARS for all Honors in the Major theses


Honors Theses from Fall 2011 to the Present: In 2011, the Honors College transitioned to electronic theses. Print copies are no longer created.

Browse the Library catalog for online Honors Theses (2011-present)