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Google Scholar for Academic Research: Home

About Google Scholar

This guide provides an overview of key Google Scholar options that can be useful in academic research. It also discusses differences between Google and Google Scholar and provides tips to maximize Google Scholar searches.

Google Scholar is helpful when used in combination with library databases since it offers a quick way to locate academic sources using links to the full text of many journal articles and other sources provided by the UCF libraries. Google Scholar also allows you to explore related works, citations, and author profiles.

Unlike Google results that include many types of sources, Google Scholar specifically searches for sources found in academic journals, abstracts, dissertations, theses, technical reports, and books. Many of these sources are provided by academic libraries, academic publishers, and professional societies. Some are also open-access materials freely available on the web.

Some key Google Scholar options include:

  • Full Text @ UCF links to access sources at the UCF Libraries
  • More and More Services @ UCF links to access additional services or request sources
  • Bibliography (citation) manager options to export and manage citations (RefWorks or EndNote)
  • Cited by links to locate additional topic-related sources in search results
  • Alerts to help you stay up to date on publications, authors, topics

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