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LibQUAL+ Comments and Responses, 2011: Home

During Spring 2011, many students responded with helpful comments on the LibQUAL+ survey. These comments represent many of those received by the library. Thank you for sharing this information with the library!

Winner of the iPad 2011: Taryn Griffiths

Electrical Power

Undergraduate: Fourth year; Social Sciences / Psychology ...  My number one complaint with the library is its limited number of electrical outlets.

Faculty: Assistant Professor; Humanities ...More plugs are needed for notebook computers.

Graduate: Masters; Humanities...not enough plugs

The library is working toward a 21st Century Library building that will increase the availability of electrical outlets in the main library.  While the Knowledge Commons, which opened on the main floor in 2010, increased outlets, it is not enough.

Group Study Rooms

Undergraduate: Fourth year; Science / Math ...  Study room walls:  they told me they don't go to the ceiling and that's why so noisy.  UCF needs a new library building. 

Undergraduate: Second year; Other...  Extending the time for study rooms would be nicer and cause less trouble for students.

Undergraduate: Third year; Humanities...  A good idead would be to incroporate more spaces where group study is allowed without reserving a study room.

Undergraduate: First year; Biomedical... on the 4th floor the study rooms that are in the 420s-430s can be very loud and i can hear everyroom next to me because of how loud they are.

The group study rooms in the main library were added in the 1984 addition.  Group study room keys are one of the most requested items in the main library.  The checkout period remains at 2 hours because of the high demand, and restaurant pagers are used to notify those who wait when a room becomes available.  The Knowledge Commons incorporates some areas for groups which do not have to be checked out.  There is a continuing effort to find space for more group collaboration and study areas in the main library.  Your suggestions are always welcome.  If group noise is a problem, please consider requesting that the group quiet down or let Ask A Librarian know, and describe your location.  They will notify Circulation Services and someone will come up to request quiet.


Graduate: Masters; Humanities ...  I was hunting around for a whiteboard with another student last week;  there are not enough. 

Undergraduate: Fifth year and above;  Business I specially love the dry erase boards, that are on the 2nd floor, I love that I can use them anywhere on the 2nd floor, and it has made group studying easier.

30 rolling whiteboards were initially purchased for the Knowledge Commons opening in August 2010.  20 additional whiteboards were purchased and deployed on floors 1,4, and 5 in August 2011.  The library will continue to consider more options for visualizing problem solving and for group writing.

Ask A Librarian

Undergraduate: Fourth year;  General Studies... Ask a Librarian has kept my butt out of trouble a few times when I was able to finish something at the last minute with their help. 

Graduate: Doctoral; Education... The online chat has always been helpful. Even thought printed materials may not be as immediately available in all circumstances, assistanc is given at request to gain access in other ways.

 Thank you!  Be sure to keep texting, chatting, emailing, and calling in the questions at


Undergraduate: Third year; Engineering / Computer Science...More study space would be nice. More computers are necessary.

Undergraduate: Fourth year;  Communications / Journalism...There are never any computers available!! Librarians need to constantly monitor the computers to make sure that people are really using them. So many people just sit at computers and chat when other people really need to use them!!!

Undergraduate: Third year; Other... The biggest issue with the library is finding a computer that is available when needed; I usually walk around the library for at least 10-15 minutes looking for an open computer.

Graduate: Masters; Communications / Journalism...  Would like computers on all floors, especially the quiet study floors.

Although the main library added computers in the main floor Knowledge Commons, it seems that the need for computers in the library remains an important concern for many students.  This year the library added 40 iPads to be lent to students.  The library will continue to look for ways to add more computers, and more capacity for them.