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ENC 1102 Literate Activities: Home

Beginning of Class

Log in to a computer and go to

Your UCF id number can be found on your UCF Card.

Scholarly or Popular Activity

  1. View the three articles below and read the abstract if available
  2. Determine whether each article is scholarly or popular. Be prepared to give reasons why. 
  3. Decide whether the article is appropriate for a paper titled: How Sororities Use Visual Media to Create Community

Search Strategies Activity

Use the search strategies AND, OR, NOT, "", *, subject terms, and limiters to find one peer-reviewed journal article on your topic using Quick Search or a subject database.

You can find sources on a specific genre, the community, or communication in general. Try searches focusing on all three at once or some combination. 

Research Conversations Activity

Use Google Scholar or Web of Knowledge to follow the research conversation on one of the articles you found. 

Scholarly and Popular Criteria

Keyword Tip

If you aren't finding anything, try broadening or narrowing your search. Ex: instead of searching sigma pi, try using the more general term fraternity

Search Strategies

Use “” quotations around more than one word to find an exact phrase. Ex: "greek letter societies" 

Use * to find multiples endings of the same word. Ex: teen* would find teen, teens, teenager, and teenagers