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PAD 3733 - Professional Administrative Writing in the Public Sector

Fall 2016, Dr. Daniel Seigler


For this assignment, you will attend the Library Class and complete a three page double-spaced (not including cover and reference page) literature review on one of the following prominent figures in the field of public administration:

  • Max Weber
  • Frederick W. Taylor
  • Luther H. Gulick
  • Mary Parker Follett
  • Dwight Waldo
  • Chester Barnard
  • Herbert A. Simon

Your paper must follow APA guidelines and include the following components:

  • Page 1 - Cover Page
  • Pages 2, 3 and 4
    • Introduction
    • Major contributions to the field of public administration
    • Conclusion
  • Page 5 - References (must have at least 3 references)

Some possible library resources: