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A guide to research on ecotourism.


This guide provides information for beginning research on ecotourism. For more in-depth information on the tourism industry, please see the Rosen Library Travel & Tourism Industries Research Guide.

Click on the Books or Articles tabs to begin your research. Or, try any of the following search terms in our library QuickSearch:


  •        Ecotourism (eco-tourism)
  •        Eco-travel
  •        Agritourism
  •        Green tourism
  •        Ethical tourism
  •        Volunteer Tourism

What is Ecotourism?

According to the Merriam-Webster dictionary ecotourism is defined as “the practice of touring natural habitats in a manner meant to minimize ecological impact.” In other words it is responsible, sustainable, ethical, and culturally aware tourism.

Helpful Websites

Here are a few helpful websites related to ecotourism. For a comprehensive list of tourism websites, please see the Rosen Library Tourism Industry Websites.

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