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SPI Spring 2013 and Later

The number of questions was reduced beginning in Spring 2013, and a new report format was developed. There are now only 9 multiple choice questions, and 2 free response "comment" questions.

The Multiple Choice Questions
(possible responses are Excellent, Very Good, Good, Fair, and Poor)

  1. Effectiveness organizing the course
  2. Effectiveness explaining course requirements, grading criteria, and expectations
  3. Effectiveness communicating ideas and/or informations
  4. Effectiveness showing respect and concern for students
  5. Effectiveness stimulating interest in the course
  6. Effectiveness creating an environment that helps students learn
  7. Effectiveness giving useful feedback on course performance
  8. Effectiveness helping students achieve course objectives
  9. Overall effectiveness of the instructor

The Free Response Questions

  • What did you like best about the course and/or how the instructor taught it?
  • What suggestions do you have for improving the course and/or how the instructor taught it?

SPI Prior to 2013

Prior to Spring 2013, it consisted of 16 multiple choice questions, plus 4 free response "comment" questions (since 1996):

The Multiple Choice Questions
(possible responses are Excellent, Very Good, Good, Fair, and Poor)

  1. Feedback concerning your performance in this course was
  2. The instructor's interest in your learning was
  3. Use of class time was
  4. The instructor's overall organization of the course was
  5. Continuity from one class meeting to the next was
  6. The pace of the course was
  7. The instructor's assessment of your progress in the course was
  8. The texts and supplemental learning materials used in the course were
  9. Description of course objectives and assignments
  10. Communication of ideas and information
  11. Expression of expectations for performance
  12. Availability to assist students in or outside of class
  13. Respect and concern for students
  14. Stimulation of interest in the course
  15. Facilitation of learning
  16. Overall assessment of instructor

The Free Response Questions

  1. The thing(s) I like the MOST about this course
  2. The thing(s) I like the LEAST about this course
  3. What is your reaction to the method of evaluating your mastery of the course (i.e., testing, grading, out of class assignments (term papers), instructor feedback, etc.)
  4. Additional comments and suggestions for improvement

Multiple choice questions 1 through 8, and the comments, are considered confidential and used only for instructor evaluation. However, the responses to questions 9 through 16 are public information published by the University.

Student Perception of Instruction (SPI) (1996+)

The Student Perception of Instruction (SPI or SPOI) is administered near the end of each term to give students the opportunity to assess their instructor's performance. The raw data is withheld until after grades have been turned in.

The following link provides a list of semesters for which the public information is available with links to download the raw data, frequency counts of responses, and the PDF reports that summarize the data.

Unofficial Ratings by Students