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Teaching Online in Texts and Technology

About the Guide

This research guide was created by students in the Teaching Online in Texts and Technology course, which is a part of the Texts and Technology PhD program at UCF. The resources included in this guide cover a variety of topics, problems, and questions relevant to the overall topic of teaching online in such disciplines as writing, new media, game studies, and other related areas.

All sources are accompanied by annotations which summarize them and, in many cases, evaluate their usefulness for researchers and practitioners. This collection of guides were created by 19 different authors. While each of the pages of the guide may have a slightly different look and feel to it, they are united by the same purpose and target audience.  

This guide is organized by topic rather than by type of resources. The reason for this choice is the number and diversity of topics, problems, and research areas which comprise the field of online teaching and learning in general and of online teaching and learning in texts and technologies. The authors of some pages chose to further separate their sources by type while others simply provided an alphabetical list, similar to an annotated bibliography.