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a brief history of department and the Information Literacy Modules project

About this Guide

This guide provides an overview of the history of the department and its efforts in supporting the university's QEP, both through narratives and supporting documents that are products of the department.

Note: Much of the background history for content presented in this guide was provided by Elizabeth Killingsworth, former Information Literacy & Outreach Department Head. We are indebted to her contributions and dedication to the Information Literacy Modules project and her work in providing information for this guide.

Genesis of the Department

When UCF began the process of reaffirming its Southern Association of Colleges and Schools (SACS) accreditation in 2004, Information Fluency was chosen as the topic for the Quality Enhancement Plan (QEP), which was a requirement of the reaccreditation process. The QEP white paper was entitled What if? A Foundation for Information Fluency and it outlined a pilot project the university would undertake to create a foundation for student learning that focused on information fluency. 

The UCF Libraries were part of the multi-faceted pilot project, and in order to better coordinate support of the SACS QEP, streamline the libraries instructional services, and market services, the Information Literacy and Outreach (ILO) department was created. The department initially consisted of 4 librarians and a support staff member that included:

  • Elizabeth Killingsworth, Interim Department Head
  • Jason Martin, Instructional Initiatives Librarian
  • Rachel Viggiano (Mulvihill), Distance Learning Librarian
  • Renee Montgomery, Outreach Librarian
  • Erica Baker, Senior Library Technical Assistant.

In addition, Corinne Bishop was hired in December 2006 as an Information Literacy Librarian,. 

In January 2016, the Information Literacy & Outreach (ILO) department was officially renamed to the Teaching & Engagement (T&E) department. This change reflected a shift in the department's focus and was meant to clarify the function of the department. 

As part of a unit reorganization in 2020, the Teaching & Engagement (T&E) department was officially renamed Student Learning & Engagement (SLE).