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How to use Swank

1. Select a film:

Start your search by browsing the list of titles currently licensed by UCF on our Swank guide. This list is filterable by title, year, expiration date, and primary category.

If your preferred film is not on the currently licensed titles list, you can search the full Swank Digital Campus catalog

Available for course modes: web-based (W), video-streaming (V), or reduced seat time (RA/RS)

Note: mixed-mode (M) and face-to-face (P) courses cannot book new licenses or renew expiring licenses but can use films from the currently licensed list.

New film requests are limited to 5 new films per course. Renewal of expiring licenses is limited to 10 films per course. Currently licensed titles are not restricted per course.

If a course requires more than 5 titles, special requests will be considered on a case-by-case basis based upon the overall status of the university’s license and funding.

Swank usage guidelines:

  • Once added to our collection, titles can be used in any course.
  • Films should be booked for the use of the full class and not per individual student requests.
  • Captioning is available in most videos and can be turned on and off as needed within the film.
  • If a film is listed as having “additional fees & time,” special permissions are required for the additional fee. The film will also have a 4-6 week processing time.


2. Fill out the Request Form.

Request the film using the online Request Form.

If the film is currently licensed for UCF, you will be emailed the embed codes within 1 business day of submitting the request.

If the film is not on the currently licensed titles list, but is in the Swank catalog, it can take up to 5 business days for the request to be processed.


3. Check your email for a URL.

By license, DigitalCampus films are to be used for educational purposes only and made available to students through a password-protected site like Canvas.

You will be emailed the LMS and Direct links for the film(s) as well as the expiration date of access (one year). Approximately 30 days before the expiration date of access, you will be emailed to check if you will continue to need the film.


4. Add the film to your Canvas course. 

After receiving the URL, you will have to add the film in Webcourses for the students to have access.  Film links MUST be placed within Webcourses to satisfy license requirements for restricted access. Embedding Swank films is not currently possible. Please add the film links in one of the ways listed below.

LMS link method (less steps)

  •  Copy the LMS link by highlighting the link text, right clicking and choosing copy.
  • On the page you want to include the video, click Edit.
  • Click on HTML editor (upper right of page)
  • Paste the LMS link code where you want the film listed.
  • Save.

Direct link method (less complicated but more steps)

  • Copy the direct link by highlighting the link text, right clicking and choosing copy.
  • On the page you want to include the video, click Edit.
  • Type “Watch [film name]” where you want the film listed.
  • Highlight the text you just typed.
  • Click on the Insert Link button above the textbox (looks like a chain link).
  • Paste the direct link into the popup box and click insert link.
  • Save.

Swank films cannot be watched on mobile devices through a browser app or webcourses through the UCF app. They work using the Swank Media Player app. The instructions for it are here.

Swank explanation for Canvas

If you would like to include an explanation of Swank films in your Canvas course, we have provided text you can use below.

If you are accessing your course through a browser using a laptop or desktop computer, you can view any Swank films in a browser tab using the links your professor provided in Canvas. Chrome, Firefox and Safari are all supported. 


If you are using a smart device such as a tablet or your phone to access course materials, you will need to download the Swank Media Player from your device’s app store (available through both iOS and Android). When you open the app, it will ask you to “Find your institution.” Search for the University of Central Florida. This will take you to the UCF Federated Identity login page (i.e. what you use to access Canvas). Log in with your NID and NID password. From there you have two options: 

  1. Search for the name of the film assigned by your professor. Click on the name of the film and choose Watch. The film will open in the Swank Media Player. 
  2. Log into Canvas (app or browser) and click on the link provided by your faculty member. It will open in the Swank Media Player app. 


Films are accessible 24/7. They can be viewed at any time and as many times as you like. Certain films have some restrictions on access and can only be viewed using the link your professor provides in your Canvas course.  


If you have a problem viewing a Swank film, please let your professor know so they can pass the information on to the Libraries. Most Swank viewing issues relate to the university’s authentication service, OpenAthens. If an issue occurs, the first step is to clear your browser cache and make sure it is the latest version (if accessing through a browser) or making sure the Swank Media Player is up to date (if on a smart device). This will solve most issues. 


UCF Libraries’ Ask A Librarian virtual reference services is also available for assistance at