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IDL 6543 - Teach Online

Using Kanopy

*Note: before assigning a film, please check with Sara Duff for an expiration date.

Connect to Kanopy

  1. Start at Libraries home page:
  2. Click on Databases in the main search tab. 
  3. Click on K in the alphabet under the login box (you'll need to log in if you're off campus)
  4. Find Kanopy Streaming Videos listed alphabetically

Login to Individual Account (optional)

  1. Click on "Sign In" tab at the top of the screen.
  2. Create an account with any email address. This feature will allow you to save clips and playlists. 

Share the Video

  1. Perform a search or browse through available videos.
  2. Use the Create Clip/Playlist button to create a custom clip or playlist (optional).
  3. Use the Share/Embed button to send a link to yourself or your students. You can use this link to show the video in class. 
  4. To embed the video in Webcourses, copy the embed code and paste it in Webcourses.