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Historical information about UCF's programs, faculty, staff and students may be found in the UCF Library's Special Collections and Archives on the 5th floor.

University History

University Publications

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Records Collections in the University Archives

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  • Photographs, Audio and Visual Materials
  • University Presidents' Records
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Microfilm copies of some Archives materials

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Microfilm copies of some Archives materials

Since the paper copies of UCF publications in the Archives are generally inaccessible during evening and weekend hours, you may find some information for the following UCF publications available in the microfilm reels on the 3rd floor of the UCF Library:

MFLM LD 1772 .F9 .A6829 (volumes 1-12, June 10, 1963-Dec 30, 1985)

The UCF Report: News and Announcements for the Faculty and Staff of the University of Central Florida
MFLM LD 1772 .F9 .A6829 (volumes 1-8, Apr 25, 1979-June 18, 1986)

    Accent: Published for the Faculty and Staff (merged with The UCF Report)
    MFLM LD 1772 .F9 .A1125 (volumes 1-12, Oct 27, 1967-Apr 16, 1979)

The Future
MFLM LD 1772 .F9 .A1438 (volumes 1-18, Oct 7, 1968-Jul 30, 1986)