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Equity Status Report

Equity Status Report
Florida Documents UCF.EEO:ESR/ (1986 v.3, 1987-1990, 1992)
Archives LD 1772.F91.U537 (1986, 1987 v.1-2, 1988-1990, 1991 v.1-2, 1992-1993, 1994 v.1&3, 1995 v.1&3)

The current annual update for the Affirmative Action Plan (AAP) is available for review in the UCF EO/AA Office (Millican Hall, Administration Building, Room 330). Within the Update to the AAP, records of complaints investigated (with the bases specified, but without the name of the grievant) will be summarized. Statistical interpretations of employment availability by Job Group will be charted. Comparisons of the UCF workforce with the availability will be presented, along with corrective measures if the workforce is underrepresented in any protected-class category.

  • Volume 1: Employees
    • Utilization Analysis
      • Black and Hispanic Employees
      • Other Minority and Female Employees
    • Personnel Activity Reports
      • Applicants
      • Hires
      • Terminations
      • Promotions
      • Layoffs and Demotions
      • Sabbaticals, Professional Development Leaves
      • Tuition Waivers
    • Adverse Impact Analyses
    • Discrimination Grievance Summaries
    • Academic Program Reviews
  • Volume 2: Students
    • Student Financial Aid
    • Successful Programs for Students
    • Services and Opportunities for Students
    • Discrimination Grievances
    • Program Analyses
  • Volume 3: Documentation
    • Eight-Factor Analyses by Job Groups
    • Campus-Wide Workforce Analysis by Department