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ENT 3613 - Center for Entrepreneurial Leadership: Startup Research Resources: Customer & Market Research

Demographic Information - Online Sources

Demographic Information - Books

Consumer Behavior & Lifestyle

These resources identify interests, beliefs, attitudes, and activities of potential customers. 

Electronic Databases

  • IbisWorld – Industry Market Research  (Over 700 + reports available)

            - support product launch and marketing strategies

            - improve business planning and market research

            - understand the business environments of clients and prospects

In addition to the books listed below, also search the author "New Strategist Publications" in the catalog for additional titles.

Buying Power & Spending Habits

Target Markets


  •  Who’s buying series: (from New Strategies)

     Age, groceries, apparel, entertainment, pets, food and drink, healthcare, household furnishings, services and supplies, etc.