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ENT 3613 - Center for Entrepreneurial Leadership: Startup Research Resources: Competitor Research

Public Companies

  • In general, information on large public companies are easier to find.  At UCF Library, you can search company profiles and financial information using one of the following databases:

Private Companies

  • Information on small, private companies is much harder to find.  One database to use in the library is Hoover’ Online.
  • Often the best way to find information on small businesses is to search for articles from magazines, trade journals, and newspapers.  These databases are available in the UCF Library.

Locating Local Companies

Include business and residential listings.  This database will help you locate competitors in a specific geographic area.  It will provide basic information such as address, phone number, key officers, lines of business, sales volume, estimated # of employees, and when available credit ratings.  You can use this to locate potential business clients or create a mailing list or distribution list. Create a list of people by ZIP code, area code, name, county, etc.  Locate someone, get a map or driving directions.  Also identify neighbors within 1/10 mile to 5 miles. (Available through OCPL)



Creating a Company List using LexisNexis Academic Company Dossier

Sample Results

Hoover's Build A List (Find Prospect)

LexisNexis Create A Company List