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Dissertation Calculator

based on the Dissertation Calculator (University of Minnesota) -- "breaks down the dissertation process into manageable deadlines and provides you with important resources and advice"

University of Minnesota Dissertation Calculator

Read the narrative for this stage on the University of Minnesota (UMN) website, then use the links listed below to update the links in the narrative and to locate UCF resources equivalent to those described for UMN.

UMN Stage 14 -- UCF Links for Steps 1 through 6

Step 1: Remind yourself of the needs of your primary audience (your advisor and committee), either by consulting them directly or considering their feedback to your initial draft.

Step 2: If necessary to meet the needs of your primary audience, revisit prior research and writing stages.

Step 3: Complete revision to text and graphics, using strategies like those in stages 12 and 13.

Step 4: Consider formatting your document to meet the graduate school preparation requirements, which will save time later.

Step 5: Remind yourself that at this point you are now the "expert" on your topic, and the goal of the defense is to share your expertise and seek feedback from interested readers (no need to be "defensive" about your defense).

Step 6: As you are getting close to completing, you might wish to check the deadline for commencement.