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CHM 2211L - Introduction to Organic Laboratory Techniques

Organic Chemistry Literature Assignments

Literature Assignment: "Aldol Condensation and Enone Formation"

Use of "Organic Syntheses", a collection of volumes giving detailed directions for synthesis of more than 1000 compounds. The procedures have all been thoroughly checked by independent investigators before publication. Many of the methods are general and can be applied to the synthesis of related compounds other than those described.

The following references refer to the preparation of an _,_-unsaturated carbonyl compound formed by a aldol condensation reaction and dehydration.

A) Hill, G.A.; Bramann, G.M., "Organic Syntheses"; Wiley: New York, 1941; Collect. Vol. I, p. 81.

B) Kohler, E.P.; Chadwell, H.M., "Organic Syntheses"; Wiley: New York, 1941; Collect. Vol. I, p. 78.

C) Leuck, G.J.; Cejka, L., "Organic Syntheses"; Wiley: New York, 1941; Collect. Vol. I, p. 283.

D) Conrad, C.R.; Dolliver, M.A., "Organic Syntheses"; Wiley: New York, 1943; Collect. Vol. II, p. 167.

E) Russel, A.; Kenyon, R.L., "Organic Syntheses"; Wiley: New York, 1955; Collect. Vol. III, p. 747. [Russell]

For each article, provide the following information:

  1. Overall reaction showing all reagents, starting materials, intermediate aldols, and final _,_-unsaturated carbonyl compounds.
  2. Name all reagents, starting materials, aldol intermediates, and final _,_- unsaturated carbonyl compounds.

Locate the volumes in the University Libraries

Search the UCF Libraries catalog for "organic syntheses" and locate the record for the set of collective volumes.