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Create a RefWorks Account

Why Manage References?

RefWorks will help simplify and enhance your research & it is available for FREE to all current UCF faculty, staff and students.

Using citation management tools like RefWorks can make it easier to keep track of the resources you want to use for an assignment or project. RefWorks makes it easy to save sources in a central location throughout a project -- and to import and export sources. Citations can be exported to RefWorks from the library catalog, online databases, and Google scholar, just to name a few.

Probably the most popular feature is the ability to quickly and easily create and format in-text citations and bibliographies. RefWorks works with Microsoft Word, allowing you to format your paper according to a specific citation style.

RefWorks Legacy

RefWorks is currently running two platforms, Refworks (new) and RefWorks Legacy (old).

Legacy users can migrate at any time; Legacy users will notice in the upper left-hand corner of their account.

RefWorks Login

Scroll down the page to find the link for the legacy login.