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ENL 3451 - Topics in British Literature (Hopkins)

What is Primo?

In the summer of 2021, the UCF Libraries launched a new catalog called Primo. As a result, some changes have been made to the libraries’ homepage and, perhaps more importantly, Quick Search no longer exists. If you were accustomed to using Quick Search, you'll want to focus more on using individual subject databases, which we will discuss elsewhere in this guide.

The key access point to Primo located in the center of the library's homepage:

Use Primo to search for books/e-books as well as other materials such as media, journals, documents, and more. Note that when you run a basic search, the default settings will be to search "Everything" including materials located at UCF as well as the statewide shared catalog. If you'd prefer to see what's available at UCF, you can run a basic search to get into the system, then change the "Everything" setting to "UCF Library Catalog" and re-reun your search:

The results will display all available formats including books, journals, images, media, and many others that may not be relevant to your needs. You can select only the formats you wish to view, such as books, in the documents limiter in the sidebar:

There are many other limiters in the sidebar you can use to refine your results including subject, language, genre, etc.

Quick Search: Primo replaces the old Quick Search system, which no longer exists. If you were accustomed to using Quick Search, your best alternative is to search the catalog, subject databases, and online journals individually. These can be accessed from the same portal in the center of the libraries' homepage. This is also a more strategic and controlled method of searching that will enhance your research.

Virtual Browse: Another feature new to Primo is virtual browse. This allows you to see books related to the one you’re viewing that, in a physical collection, would be on the shelf near the one you're viewing. For example, the catalog record for the book Medieval warfare : a history features a visual scroll at the bottom of the record for the following related titles:

For a more detailed overview of th enew primo system, see this handy reference guide.