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Coronavirus Update: See Coronavirus Info for updates about the UCF Libraries and the Academic Resources guide for other information about access to resources.

Textbooks, Textbook Alternatives & Course Readings from Library Resources


UCF's Libraries offer thousands of full text online books that can be used in the classroom or by individual students to supplement class readings.

Students: Use the links in this guide to connect to the UCF Bookstore's list of assigned textbooks.

Faculty: Please contact your subject librarians in the UCF Libraries for help incorporating the books into your syllabi with authentication for off-campus access. WARNING! Do not select an ebook from the UCF Libraries collection as an assigned text for class readings without first verifying that there are no limits on the number of simultaneous users. Some ebooks, including many of our ebook titles in the EBSCOhost eBook database, are only available to one reader at a time.

Coronavirus Update: For a limited period of time ProQuest and EBSCO both agreed to the UCF Libraries' request in temporarily turning on access to all of their unlimited books.