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Wild at Heart: Conserving Nature Through Art & Archives

Spring 2022 Gallery Exhibit

Wild at Heart: Conserving Nature through  Art & Archives  Spring 2022 :: UCF Libraries Gallery

Art can play many different roles in our lives. It can capture the magic of light and shadow, illustrate what we have to lose, and what we have already lost. It can grab your heart, create fireworks in your mind and a burning in your gut.  When combined with the history of a place, the record of an experience, it becomes a gateway to understanding the ground beneath our feet and our connection to the world around us.

This exhibit explores the art, artists, and activists that challenge us to think deeply about the impacts of urbanization and climate change on the world around us. You can explore the influence development has had on the Everglades and those who have worked to reverse the trends. Examine how our views of birds and other wildlife has changed over time and the art that inspires us to continue to evolve our understanding of ways in which we can live harmoniously together. Meet the scientists who took the first steps toward conservation through discovery as well as the long history of women activists who have worked so hard to preserve Florida’s wild heart.  Explore the diversity of habitats with some of Florida’s great nature photographers, and last but not least lose yourself in the fantastic artists' books in our collection that capture the brilliance of nature, and the cost of our actions.

For more information about the art and archival materials displayed in this exhibit check out the in-depth guide to each of the themes.