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Overview of scholarly resources available online from UCF Library

Academic Search Premier

General Information:

Academic Search Premier is a general subject academic database that provides coverage in such fields as the Social Sciences, Humanities, General Science, Multicultural Studies, and more. It provides full-text access to over 4,600 scholarly journals, of which, more than 3,900 are peer-reviewed. This database is an excellent starting point when you are looking for articles on a topic.

Search Tips:

Advanced Search – this is the default screen

  • Type in your search terms, using AND, OR, NOT from the drop-down menu to combine search terms
  • Choose the search field from the optional Select a Field drop-down list, or you may leave it as it is – the default fields consist of the following: all authors, all subjects, all keywords, all title info and all abstracts.
  • You can use a specific Search Mode, such as “Find all of my search terms” (default), or “Find any of my search terms”, etc.
  • You may limit your search to full text, scholarly (peer-reviewed) journals, publication date range, and publication type, etc., by selecting the options provided under “Limit your results”. Remember to click on the Reset button to clear the limiters when you start another new search.
  • Other UCF databases may provide access to the full-text of the articles which are not available in full-text in Academic Search Premier, therefore, it is NOT a good idea to limit your search to Full Text. If full-text is not available, clicking on the Get Full Text button will identify other UCF databases that may provide access to the full-text of the article.
  • Click on Add row to add up to 12 rows if you need to add additional search terms. To delete a row, click the Remove Row link.

Result List

  • When you conduct a Basic or Advanced search, the Result List Screen of has three columns – Refine Results, Search Results, and Related Images.
  • You can narrow your results by choosing from the options in the left hand column, including source type, subject, journal, author and more.
  • You can limit your results using the date slide bar, full text, scholarly (peer-reviewed) or other database limiters in the left hand column.
  • The Preferences link below the search boxes will provide you with control over the look of your search result list: Relevance, Page Options, & Share.
  • You can print, save or email an article and/or citation. Always use the internal print, email and save buttons; DO NOT use your browser's print function (i.e., do not go to file > print at the top of your screen). You can print, email or save each article separately, or you can add articles to an electronic folder and print, email or save everything at once.

For More Help:

There is a Help link in the upper-right corner of every page with general searching information. Each tab also has a question mark link right beside the search box with more specific information.