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Overview of scholarly resources available online from UCF Library


General Information:

This is a full-text scholarly database that contains back issues of journals, not current ones. You would not find recent articles but would have access to older issues. A gap of 1 to 5 years usually exists between the current issue of a journal and issues available in JSTOR.

Search Tips:

Basic Search: default screen, type in your subject and click on red search arrow to search

Advanced Search: use for more in-depth search option

  • Type in your search term or terms in the box
  • Using the drop-down menu you can search in the following fields: full-text, author, article title, abstract, or caption
  • Approximately 10% of articles have abstracts so choosing this field may narrow your search too much
  • Limit by:
    • Type: Article, Review, Misc, or Pamphlet
    • Date
    • Language
    • Specific Journal Title
    • Discipline(s) or groups of journals
  • Truncation: use an asterisk (*) to find multiple endings to a word
  • Wildcard: use a question mark (?) in place of a single letter.
    • Click Search and you may see the following after each citation
      Read Online          Download PDF      Cite this item
      • Page Scan: # of times search term appears
      • PDF: full-text of article – print from Adobe toolbar
      • Abstract (if available), bibliographic and author information, items citing your item
  • You cannot email an article from JSTOR but you can email the citation
  • You can download and save the pdf to email to yourself
  • Clicking on Modify Search from the results page will take you back to the search screen and allow you to change your search terms

Narrow your search by clicking or filling in the appropriate fields.

Browse: if you are not looking for a particular article or subject you can browse journals by discipline, title, or publisher

For More Help:

Click on Search Help near the top of the screen for tips on searching JSTOR. From this Help page, a link to JSTOR tutorials is available.