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Marketing for the Hospitality Industry Research Guide

Market Research & Consumer Behaviour

Print Articles

Many hospitality journals available in Rosen contain articles related to marketing. General hospitality/tourism periodicals may also have relevant material on marketing in the hospitality industry. 

Here are just a few examples of journals found in print in the Rosen Library that often contain human resources-related articles:


Business Week

Journal of Travel & Tourism Marketing*

Cruise Industry News Quarterly

Journal of Vacation Marketing*

Cruise Travel

Meetings & Conventions

Event Solutions

Nation's Restaurant News


Resort Trades

Harvard Business Review

Restaurant Business

Hotel Management

Tourism Economics*

Journal of Hospitality Marketing & Management*

Vacation Industry Review


*Scholarly (peer-reviewed) source

Online Articles

To search for a journal online, you can browse alphabetically or type in the name of the journal in our online journals search. The following are just a few journals containing information on Marketing that are available to be viewed online: