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Marketing for the Hospitality Industry Research Guide

New Books - Marketing

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Print books relating to marketing are generally found in the following call number ranges:


Subject Call Number Range
General hospitality marketing; hotel and restaurant marketing TX911.3s, especially TX911.3 M3
Travel & tourism marketing G155s
Marketing events, conventions, festivals, etc. GT3405
Branding, name brands HD69s
General marketing, internet marketing, etc.  HF5300x-HF6100s


Reference Sources

It is often a good idea to begin your research in the following types of references sources, which are designed to be consulted for topic overview or for authoritative information. In many cases, they contain vital information that cannot be found anywhere else. We have many more books on marketing for specific industries. I


General Marketing/Consumer Spending/Demographics Call Number 
American Generations Rosen REF HC110.C6 M545

American Marketplace

Rosen REF HA214 .A6 2003
Business Statistics of the United States Rosen REF HC101 .B875
Commercial Atlas & Marketing Guide Rosen REF G1200 .R32
Datapedia of the United States Rosen REF HA202 .K87 2004
Demographics of the U.S.: Trends and Projections Rosen REF HB849.49 .875 2003
Encyclopedia of Advertising Rosen REF HF5803 .A38 2003
Florida Statistical Abstract Rosen REF HA311 .F55
Florida Visitor Study Rosen REF G155 .U6 F5
Handbook of Marketing Scales Rosen REF HF5415.3 .B323 1999
Household Spending: Who Spends How Much on What  Rosen REF HC.110 .C6 A666 2004
Leisure Market Research Handbook  Rosen REF GV174 .M55 2007
Older Americans: A Changing Market Rosen REF HQ1064.U5 O43 2006
Statistical Abstract of the United States Rosen REF HA202